HIGHLANDER is the largest snow goggle lens with visible range in the world, provides a great visual for rider.
no visual dead angle makes the ski of faster and more accurate. Two tone frame design highlights personal style.

Defender is VIGHT a revolutionary double lens with both lenses laminated together, offering 15% larger field of vision, no reflections and

no fogging.The oversized semi-rimless frame is matched with a new larger strap,Then Ridge lens technology gives you high-definition

contrast in all light conditions. There’s also an OTG model for wearing over glasses.

AUBURN new dual lens with a time can have a variety of differentstyles, you can experience a broad perspective and personalized 
borderless lenses, but also feel the charm of the box with the fun of color. Has a permanent anti-fog effect of the double-layer lens 
structure, enhance the security so that players feel at ease.